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Black Aces Tactical® is one of America’s leading small firearms manufacturers and importers. Located since inception in Longwood, Florida, we have seen several owners over the last dozen years. While our past has been less than stellar, or often not consumer friendly, we  are pleased to now have a “rock-solid,” highly experienced business owner at the helm.

Black Aces Tactical® remains privately held and is professionally managed by our new CEO/Owner, an internationally known business executive. His  executive team is diversly experienced. We are minority / veteran owned and managed small business, with a 100% Latin-American and Native American management team, which includes both men and women, in the Vice President positions.

All of us at Black Aces Tactical® enjoy the positive benefit of our highly successful business owner. Fabian Berru, our CEO, surrounds himself with, and listens to, his diversly experienced executive managers, his outside sales team, and each staff member. From our different heritages and diverse backgrounds, we recognize and appreciate the essential freedoms available to Americans, and the requirement that citizens remain steadfast in the support of our Constitution, and the protected freedoms earned by our founding fathers long ago, together with the military veterans, first responders and citizens who have put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and our way of life.

As a Company, believe in uncompromising ethics. We believe in the American free enterprise system. We believe in the second amendment’s universal protection of citizens’ rights. We support the value of work, and we support the right of Americans to prosper from their individual work, risk of their capital, and their daily efforts to prosper.

We strive to be a positive, constructive force, both in building better local communities and in supporting local businesses. We always endeavor to hire and promote the best qualified, most suitably skilled, and highly motivated employees, without prejudice. We do offer preference to our heroic veterans and brave former first responders. Our support will never fail for supporting the independent businesses that help make up our industry.

Our dealers and consumers expect and deserve the best customer service, the highest quality products, and the best after-sale support. Our commitment is to deliver it every day!

So who's behind all this? You.


Our CEO/Owner

Fabian Berru is a well-known central Florida businessman, who is successful in multiple businesses, with the expertise to forge a long-term pathway to customer focused success. Mr. Berru has demonstrated that he is committed to equipping our team members with the assets to realize the “American Dream,” and to share our enthusiasm for success with our dealer customers nationwide.

For dealers, Black Aces Tactical® can be the ideal lifelong business partner in small business prosperity. We assure our customers that we embrace an ethical business culture, offering better quality products, and competitive prices. We offer a comprehensive no-risk consumer satisfaction guarantee, which is now an industry rarity. Our fully Transferable, Lifetime Limited Warranty, is available on every new gun we sell!

Our guns run as designed, they last as promised, and we fix them if defects arise, or we replace them if needed! All within days, not weeks.  Our quality goal is “zero defects.” ***

Our Managers:

Diego Monge, Vice President – Operations.

Diego, a native of Ecuador, and a proud graduate of Rutgers University, (the State University of New Jersey). Mr. Monge has vast international sales and management experience. He was formally the Manager of Inside Sales, at Black Aces Tactical®.

Jenna Perez Vice President of Compliance and Administration, our long time, and always effective ATF Compliance Manager now serves our business in a larger role. Also of Latin-American heritage, Jenna is one of very few Latin-American, female, firearms industry executives in America.

Bruce Denton Vice President – Marketing and Sales. A Native American, graduate electrical engineer & naval engineer, and seasoned executive sales engineer and manager. He holds an MBA, and an M.A. in Marketing. Bruce has served scores of Companies in C-Level roles across North America and in Europe.

Our Sales Team:

Daniel Fawcett, based in Dallas, Texas, serves as a Regional Sales Manager in the Southwest Region. Daniel is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Technology in Firearms Science, a professional gunsmith, range officer, and a U.S. Army infantry veteran. Daniel serves on our Product Development Committee.

Derek Smith, based in northern Alabama, is an experienced firearms technologist, and Sales Rep. He is also a dealer sales consultant supporting dealers in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and southern Tennessee.

Brad Dunlap, based in Northern Indiana, a Sonoran Desert Institute Graduate in Firearms Technology finishing 1st in his class, is a well-known firearms reviewer, and consummate Sales Pro. Brad manages our Indiana Territory and will be joining our product development committee as its newest member.

Andrew Denton, based in Viriginia, an experienced writer, and firearms test & evaluation engineer, holds technology degrees from several colleges. He manages the Virginia, Western North Carolina and West Virginia sales territories supporting dealers in these markets. Andrew also serves as Chairman of our product development committee.

Gary Prevatt, based in South Carolina, is a seasoned gun professional, dealer sales consultant and experienced territory Sales Rep, Gary covers eastern South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina for our dealers.

Steven Veninger, based on the East Coast of Florida, our Sales Rep located in central Florida, represents Black Aces Tactical® for our east coast and north Florida dealers and dealers in Georgia. Steven also oversees our “last step,” pre-shipment quality control, at the Longwood, Florida warehouse.

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Black Aces Tactical®

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