6 Signs Our Pro Series Bullpup Is The Semi-Auto For You

Amidst our wide array of shotguns, our Pro Bullpup series is no doubt the most popular of the bunch. After all, nothing beats the satisfying feeling of repetitive firing and a stable grip. Despite all that, we won’t deny the fact that everyone has their preference for firearms. Read on to find out if the Pro Bullpup is really for you before swinging by Black Aces Tactical for premium starter shotguns near you.

1. You Don’t Want Your Gun Taking Up Space

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and once you realize that, you’ll start to enjoy the finer things in life. People who don’t know any better often walk into any shop and ask for the largest gun in an effort to seem “cool’ or whatever. But big guns often come with bigger problems, and that’s why we designed the Pro Bullpup to be super compact. That way, you can store it nearby without it taking up too much space. Of course, this semi-auto still offers great firepower with its convenient size.

2. You Want to Master Handling it as Soon as Possible

The Pro Bullpup’s small stature does more than assist with space management. It’s also comfortable to operate and is easy to get used to so you can build more confidence with each practice session. Just another reason why we always recommend this particular semi-auto for beginners who are new to shotguns, or firearms in general.

3. You Like to Have Options Even After Purchase

No one should have to choose the ammo before choosing the gun. The feel and efficiency of the gun should always come first, with ammo types coming second. For this exact reason, the Pro Bullpup is able to cycle through both light and heavy loads, letting you change things up to what you want when you want it.

4. You Have Lefties and Righties in the House

You’re either right-handed or you’re left-handed. If you’re extra special, maybe you’re ambidextrous. It doesn’t matter because the Pro Bullpup is made to work either way. This makes it easier for any household to share a communal shotgun if needed. If you happen to be a leftie who struggles with finding accommodating gear, you won’t have to think twice about whether or not you can handle this powerful yet nimble semi-auto!

5. You Need Something Fast and Easy

Even if you’re skilled at reloading a pump, nothing is faster than swapping out whole magazines. That’s why our popular Pro Bullpup is magazine-fed, making things simple for beginners and pros alike. The next time you’re looking for a shotgun that operates on the fly, this semi-auto is most likely the one for you.

6. You Crave More Bang For Your Buck

Overpaying for a gun, in this economy? You’d be out of your mind to pay a premium for a gun only to be offered the bare minimum. Our Pro Bullpup is affordable already, but we added an extra piece to sweeten the deal. When you purchase this semi-auto, we’ll throw in a black synthetic forward grip as a Black Aces Tactical exclusive! That’s one less accessory to buy for a happier wallet.

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